Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEW Foundation newsletter--VOICE Update #9 November 2011 CHRISTMAS and LDS TOURIST VISIT

Below are links to the most recent Foundation publications and videos
Oct. 27th letter to "Friends" and Patzicia 2011 graduates
VOICE Update #9 Nov. 2011 and Christmas message
Page one focuses on having the true spirit of Christmas, helping those in need. It focuses on why Guatemala was chosen for our work, and on the most needy in Guatemala we are helping in Santa Cruz Verapaz.
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Page Two 
Here we report on a visit to the Foundation's Patzicia School by a group of LDS ex-missionary tourists.

Large version VOICE Update #9-Nov.2011 Christmas and LDS Tourist visit

 Page Two

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New YouTube Video #9-11/2011 Project Report--HAPPY THANKSGIVING

The newest YouTube video slide show report is now online, giving some interesting historical and geographical information, and project reports for the Alta Verapaz and Patzicia areas.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

February 2014: #2-2014 Urgent News From Patzicia--Meet EDY--Plans for Santa Cruz Verapaz

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To see a photo/essay based on this VOICE with more information and more beautiful photographs, click on:  COMPLETE VERSION  #2-2014

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KSL TV 5 reports on Guatemala aid projects and link to Oct. 27th Letter and VOICE #8--David Andersen's message

Click to see VOICE #8-October--Dave Andersen's message
Click  to see the Oct. 27th letter to "Friends" 
and Patzicia 2011 graduates

Humanitarian Services Water and Stove Projects in Senahu, Guatemala
Two interesting reports were shown on KSL TV on Sunday evening, October 15 and 23, 2011.  The needs and conditions the people live under are well explained and shown, with a very good outcome for the projects. The Foundation is proud to have cooperated in beginning work in that area between 1976-79 and again in 1991-93, described in the Success Story  photo/essay entitled  Chulac/Polochic Area (click on that link to see the history).   Click on the following links to see each of the videos:
Oct. 16 -  KSL TV Guatemalan Project  (Water) video
Oct. 23 -  KSL TV 2nd Guatemalan Project  (Stove) video
Above we see the  Sajonte Village School built and operated by the Foundation in the Senahu Municipality in the early nineties. To see the history of how the work began in this area, click on Success Story link in the above paragraph.
We are proud to have had a part in stimulating  others with the means and  incredible capabilities of helping in the humanitarian services described on KSL.   In our own small, but extremely effective way, we want to continue to be a catalyst spurring others on to do more, so please continue to help the Foundation multiply good works in this important way.

Click on the following for the  most recent video and newsletter:
VOICE #7-September 2011 "You Can Make a Difference...Have An Impact"

Newsletter VOICE #8-October 2011--Message from Dave Andersen and Graduation at Patzicia School

"Making the Most of your Charitbable Contribution," by David Andersen, Trustee
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