Friday, December 27, 2013

EMERGENCY LETTER....URGENT NEED! and 2013 Annual Financial Report

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Link to CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER...Toby Pigree's message and Project Status in Patzicia and Santa Cruz Verapaz

URGENT LETTER and SLIDE SHOW sent via email:
Dear Friends & Supporters:

I'm not sure what I did wrong  from my little Cabin Foundation Office, but right when we had to transfer funds to Guatemala for the urgent CHRISTMAS needs we have gone through 3 consecutive days with NOTHING in the P.O. box and we don't even have half of what we need to not fail our personnel at the Patzicia School, and the needy from Santa Cruz Verapaz.  Did I make the mistake of printing the old P.O. box address on the return envelopes?  f so they'll eventually be forwarded.  Please forgive me if I did that, or made some other mistake. 

If that wasn't the mistake, please take just a minute to view the 13 picture slide show, giving just a glimpse of the many extremely needy people we are helping for Christmas. 

We hear a lot about "refugees" in many parts of the world, but the truth is we are dealing with needy Mayans and others whose lives are continually, year after year, worse off than most refugees.  These are humble, needy people with such beautiful children who deserve a chance to improve their lives.  Please help us share a little with them, and then make possible their continuing education through out the New Year..

You can donate instantly on the website: Just hit the "DONATE" button, or 
send your contributions to the address below:   

Cordell M Andersen, Executive Director

NOTE:  We did not fail them, but had to borrow $1,000 to make sure they had something for Christmas, but still owe the personnel at the Patzicia School $550 of their legally required Christmas bonus.  

PLEASE HELP ALL YOU CAN to get these two items taken care of so we can thereafter begin accumulating donations to get the 2014 School Year started in January.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toby Pingree's Christmas message...Patzicia School saved...Wonderful Plans for 2014

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