Friday, December 27, 2013

EMERGENCY LETTER....URGENT NEED! and 2013 Annual Financial Report

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Link to CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER...Toby Pigree's message and Project Status in Patzicia and Santa Cruz Verapaz

URGENT LETTER and SLIDE SHOW sent via email:
Dear Friends & Supporters:

I'm not sure what I did wrong  from my little Cabin Foundation Office, but right when we had to transfer funds to Guatemala for the urgent CHRISTMAS needs we have gone through 3 consecutive days with NOTHING in the P.O. box and we don't even have half of what we need to not fail our personnel at the Patzicia School, and the needy from Santa Cruz Verapaz.  Did I make the mistake of printing the old P.O. box address on the return envelopes?  f so they'll eventually be forwarded.  Please forgive me if I did that, or made some other mistake. 

If that wasn't the mistake, please take just a minute to view the 13 picture slide show, giving just a glimpse of the many extremely needy people we are helping for Christmas. 

We hear a lot about "refugees" in many parts of the world, but the truth is we are dealing with needy Mayans and others whose lives are continually, year after year, worse off than most refugees.  These are humble, needy people with such beautiful children who deserve a chance to improve their lives.  Please help us share a little with them, and then make possible their continuing education through out the New Year..

You can donate instantly on the website: Just hit the "DONATE" button, or 
send your contributions to the address below:   

Cordell M Andersen, Executive Director

NOTE:  We did not fail them, but had to borrow $1,000 to make sure they had something for Christmas, but still owe the personnel at the Patzicia School $550 of their legally required Christmas bonus.  

PLEASE HELP ALL YOU CAN to get these two items taken care of so we can thereafter begin accumulating donations to get the 2014 School Year started in January.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toby Pingree's Christmas message...Patzicia School saved...Wonderful Plans for 2014

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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SEPTEMBER 2013 Newsletter: "KEEPING THE LEGACY ALIVE..." by DaveAndersen


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


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Dear Friends & Supporters:
I was supposed to be in the mountains working on my High Uintas Project right now, but felt the urgency of returning to Springville and discovered a great need of doing some kind of promotion before I did anything else. I'll just quickly tell you what is happening and then will post below a simple newsletter I put together last night. I printed and sent in the mail to those on our mailing list who don't have email, and sent also to some of you who have donated lately.

I guess most everyone has been on vacation,  but the fact is that during July the Foundation only received $535 in donations, plus $174.81 from oil property royalties, for a total income of $709.81 for the month.

U.S. expenses  for Administration and Promotion came to $260.92 .
Project expenses in Guatemala were $3,076.92, bringing the total to $3,337.84.

There was a similar loss for June, and it's easy to see that if that trend continues we will come up way short of being able to finish the school year at our schools in Patzicia, and of course we are stymied in our projects in Alta Verapaz.  That has us very concerned and I thought it best to level with all of you who have become our partners, some for many years, in this nearly 50 year long effort.

We are grateful for those of you who consistently are helping, some of you for many years, but somehow we need to do better.  Please continue to help us as best you can, and help us find new people who need the blessings of giving hope to  a very needy, and noble people.  Now the newsletter.

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July 16 GMail - Report from Alta Verapaz produced in the High Uintas

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

REPORT FROM ALTA VERAPAZ: Big Needs, Huge Opportunities....

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The Foundation's School in Patzicia  participated enthusiastically in the Annual Regional Folklore Festival where representatives were chosen to participate in the National Festival held in Coban the last Saturday in July each year.
All aspects of the Foundation's School there go forward with great success.  A generous donor contributed enough to give the school one more month of support that will take us up to the end of September, lacking now October and the year end expenses paying our teachers their vacations, and Christmas bonus.  Please keep us in mind so we can end the year successfully as we have for the past 31 years and also support our projects in Alta Verapaz among the most needy Indians in the country.

In Santa Cruz Verapaz, Alta Verapaz
We ended the last report showing our efforts to help the Chicoyoj Village construct a bridge across a creek to replace the previous one you see below to the left.
That project is near completion as you see below.  We need to help them just a bit more--they are doing all the work.
 Other projects pending funding are:
1.  Furniture for the Julie Memorial Classroom, and
2. Electric installation in the Valparaiso/Rio Frio School,
Plus a number of other requests for help, like, more sanitary facilities for the Valparaiso and Santa Elena schools, and more, but........
........... an emergency need has arisen that we have had to take care of to the best of our ability:
In the Chicoyoj Village a tragedy took the lives of a young mother and her husband leaving their 3 children orphans.  They are 9 year old Elder Alexander, 8 year old Astrid Carina, and 4 year old Elver Elejandro, last names Max Quim.  You see them  below with their grandparents, 71 year old Julian Max, and 67 year old Maria Suram.

In addition to being elderly with a very poor dirt floored home, Julian and Maria are also taking care of other grandchildren  as you see in the picture below and are in extreme need.

 As you might have noticed from Julian's rubber boots he works hard in agriculture earning daily wages working for others who are a bit better off than him.  We are helping to make sure all the children of school age attend and have enough food.  They need our help to expand a bit their home  and see how they can increase their income to be able to take care of the big family.

This update, and the email notice of the new post is being done from the fringes of the High Uinta Mountains using what we have to call the Guatemalan Foundation's mobile office as reported previously.  Before I shoulder my backpack and head into the high country, I will crank over my Honda generator and  print a newsletter for those for whom we don't have an email address and get it sent so as to spread the word of our work and the Foundation's need of donations to keep this good work going.  I'm doing my darndest to keep this work alive at almost no cost to the Foundation--except for my time as a volunteer and my equipment.....PLEASE HELP ALL YOU CAN TOO. 

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