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     We've helped saved his life and that of many, now help us see that he and  others graduate!
We are most grateful for all the generous donations received during 2013. It started with an always kind hearted $2,000 contribution from Dr. George Pingree who for more than 30 years showed his loving concern for his needy Mayan brothers and sisters in Guatemala.  He passed on one month later and will be missed by all of us.

Sixty-three of you followed with your unselfish donations making possible saving lives and blessing many children with the gift of education that longtime Foundation volunteer and trustee David Andersen described in his September Foundation message, saying, "It will break the bonds of poverty," and then they will be able to turn around and help their own people.

In October the newsletter's message was written by Mario de la Cruz, a 15 year long volunteer in Patzicia.  He outlined an impressive list of successful graduates produced by the Patzicia School, and pleaded with us to help them continue for the 32nd year.

Our November message was written by another Foundation volunteer and trustee, Joseph Andersen.  He encouraged all of us to make often sacrifices that will move many "towards a more fulfilling life,"  not just for the needy we help, but also help  " develop more spiritually and achieve a more fulfilling life."
For our Christmas VOICE we were told by Toby Pingree the emotional LDS missionary history of Guatemala and the great desire of many of us to do more to serve the people we loved.  Toby was the first missionary I met on arrival there in 1956, and years later he became the first to help our efforts even before there was a foundation, and he continues even this month making possible, as we speak, our representative in Alta Verapaz, Federico Veliz, purchasing and distributing school supplies to thousands of children in the rural schools of Santa Cruz Verapaz, as we see in the following three photrographs.  
 In Toby's message he ended saying, "I will continue to contribute...I can't imagine the world without the Guatemalan Foundation doing these marvelous projects in Guatemala that make certain things possible we dreamed of long ago."

At he end of this post you will find links to the 2013 Annual Financial Report showing that a high percentage of donations went directly to  blessing those in need.  You will also find enclosed your 2013 Yearly Receipt for your contributions.  We are grateful you see your success and blessings in life as having the meaning and purpose of helping others who need us.


We will be going forward with the Patzicia School and happy that this year they have stepped up and will now be providing 50% of the school's support.  The other 50% was donated by an incredibly generous cousin  who has been doing this for at least 15 years and through his donation also win a matching donation from The Pfizer Foundation.  The school can still use very effectively other donations needed to accept more children from extremely poor families who need a full scholarship.

The Ariel & Ines Andersen Chuluc Village School...... 
....that the Foundation built in 1986 to honor the founders of the Foundation, will this year receive our support by us paying again the wage of one of the two teachers plus helping with other needs, such as educational materials, and emergency needs.  Below we'll insert several photographs of the school, then a few students with the new teacher.
Above we see the street view of the Ariel & Ines Andersen Chuluc Village School located 5 kms. outside of Patzicia.
 In December the parents worked voluntarily to paint and prepare the school for 2014.

We see above the teacher we are employing with some of her students, and Humberto Xicay, our  Director in the area.

Recently the school received a donation from a U.S. Baptist Congregation to build a water purification system for the school and village, using the water from the well and system we helped them build 8 years ago.  This will make safer the water and prevent sickness and death--that world-wide has 1 child die from contaminated water every 20 seconds!
Here we see in December the building for the purification system under construction the labor provided by the people from the village.
 Here is the finished water purification building.  We are grateful that others now are helping in this poor village where the Foundation built this school in 1986.  

All normal donations this year will be dedicated to projects, mostly educational, in the Alta Verapaz area of Guatemala with special focus on Santa Cruz Verapaz which is the poorest area in the country.  We have already provided Federico with the funds and he is busy traveling in his 4x4 pickup to the villages distributing school supplies to thousands of children, some we have seen already, with a few more below.

Next we will go forward helping the Valparaiso School and the Julie Memorial Classroom, first with the most critical life and death need--that of helping them construct  new sanitary facilities for the more than 480 students.  Next we will organize the community and help them install electricity in the entire school. 

Here's a wide angle view taken about 10 years ago.  It has grown a lot since.

 So we need your help as both of these projects are big ones for what is now a large and growing school--which as you will recall is also in the afternoons a junior high school seen above, almost non-existent in rural Guatemala.

We have a lot to do so please keep in mind how comparatively successful and blessed all of us are, and with that in mind consider a quote from a recent MEN'S HEALTH Magazine:

Please help all you can as often as possible, and share this message with friends, relatives and business acquaintances. Some of our long-time donors have passed on in recent years, and we need to attract others who need the blessing of joining this effort that has a proven track record now in its 45th year.
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