Why Help Mayans?

Over the years a question has been asked by those learning about the work the Foundation has been doing among Mayans and other needy in Guatemala since 1969, and in my case since 1956.  Following are a handful of one page chapters that summarizes briefly the history that actually began in 1952.
For a special version of Chapter 1 special for a few from the Springville 5th Ward, scroll down.
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Modified for a few members of the LDS Springville 5th Ward

The Influence of the Mission Experience

Preparing to Realize the Dream

The Email message with Chapter 4 had the following introductory paragraph not included in most copies sent.  This was printed and sent to some of those receiving Chapter 4.
Chapter 4, below, had the above introductory paragraph when emailed.

The Move to Central America's "Siberia" and Success?


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