How to Help and Contact Info.

The Foundation is supported entirely through donations: From $15 to $1,000 and more per year.  A few examples of how some of our donors do this might help you see how you can help best:
  • One donor has donated $100 per month since the 1970's, and in recent years arranged with his bank to automatically send the check each month.  
  • Another donor in 1978 willed to the Foundation oil properties that since have provided royalty payments averaging around $2,500 per year. 
  •  In 1984 a  supporter donated his optical business, and then helped sell the business that for 9 years provided support for one of our projects.  
  • Another makes a stock donation each year, and then  requests a matching donation from his employer.
  • Looking a bit into the future one donor has included in his will that a certain percentage of his insurance policy will go to the Foundation.
THE NEEDS:  See the Projects page for details, but one big need is to establish an Endowment Fund of around $500,000. One donor suggests $1 million.  Such a fund conservatively invested would provide  a reliable income for the Foundation each year and assure this effort continuing.  Any suggestions to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Click on the following link to see the Foundation's financial reports  

444 Elm Street
American Fork, UTAH  84003

Tel. 801-489-1272