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Mayan regional queens from all over Guatemala
candidates for the prestigious title
Maya Indigenous Queen of Guatemala  
or as said there 

NOTE:  Once you get through the following posthopefully my last important message which you'll notice is crucial, literally with lives hanging in the balancedescribing briefly 

the fulfillment of a key Bible prophecy


 by the Apostle Paul who said it had to be fulfilled prior to the Second Coming of the Savior.  This post will likely remain  hoping those in danger because of their part in it will eventually be moved to find it, study it carefully with an honest heart  and react humbly with integritytaking courageous deep seated soul-searching sincere action for their own salvation  and hopefully do something for those they harmed.

So this will sort of be my long awaited... 

...."loving goodbye message of hope"


 For info about the 
April 17, 2023  MINI-STROKE and my Progress beating it, go to my website: https://cordellmandersen.com/
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The book, 
& other writings and Posts
will now only be  publicly available by SECTIONS as seen below:


0.  COVER, TABLE CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION,  4 pages I've added this  for those who will be downloading all the chapters, parts and sections so that you will have like a complete copy of the book, with the important Table of Contents, and Introduction....including guidance from the movie Gandhi about how to judge justly a man.

1.  PART 1 "THE VISION QUEST" 0-22 years: THE CHECKERED FAITH & WORKS JOURNEY of Cordell M. Andersen       80 pages

NOTE:  Everything in my life of any value evolved from what is  described in this crucial foundational autobiographical writing.   It  was originally included as an Appendix in the evolving MAYA BOOKThen the   EDITED & IMPROVED 80 page writing  became more logically  Part 1 in the FINAL VERSION  of the Book  as it set the stage for my existence—what  will now be my busy 88th year that began on April 20, 2023 

You'll notice my "VISION QUEST" didn’t involve any stimulantslike some friends say I used in a previous life as John Morgan, "Shunkawakan," the Sioux name for "A Man Called Horse"but rather followed a normal sequence of development, each step building on a previous one motivated by a wonderful influence I was attracted to—yes, stumbling here and there but gradually learning, but aided by great parents whose example  motivated my personal efforts trying to be a better person—guided, strengthened and confirmed by a divine influence I came to realize was our Creator who I came to know by leaning  towards my father’s saintly influence and what he took very seriously—a special book of holy scriptureThe Book of Mormon,  from ancient America through which I came to know the influence guiding me was our Savior Jesus Christ who in fulfilling his purpose on earth had actually become “Our SAVIOR and the GOD OF THIS WORLD." 


2. PART 2:  The Lord did  not fail me in my efforts to seek and follow Him. He rather prepared me  to fulfill a purpose —in my case a very humble oneso unambitious & lowly that no normal individual or family was interested or willingamong a people most Mormons considered a  backward and even a “cursed” people The Book of  Mormon called  Lamanites —but whom the resurrected Savior considered so critically important that he appeared to them after his triumphant appearances among the Jews.  Part 2 of my BOOK deals with  them being my CAUSE, and my CAREFULL PREPARATION to dedicate much of the remainder of my life to them.....I call "MY PEOPLE!"   Now comes a smarter, simpler version of: Part 2: The MYSTERIOUS CAUSE & OUR PREPARATION TO ACT, > 9 years of careful and intensive preparation & transformation.     41 pages,


3.  PART 3 of the MAYA BOOK,  describes the emotional and daring story of the long journey by the ANDERSEN FAMILY PRIVATE PEACE CORP, to live among and help the descendants of those Jesus Christ appeared to 2,000 years ago, along with a summary of  how we survived supporting ourselves through agro-business projects used also as tools to save as many as we could, and what we did that prompted our good friend Harold Brown to say, "Thousands were saved and many tens of thousands were aided in receiving an education!"  


4. PART 4: Items 1-11of 33 

In this section is included an introduction to the book, THE TWELVE STRONG who gave crucial  help, the significant SUPPORTING ACTORS, and then  the Memorable Efforts, Events & Accomplishments, the 1st project Cine Chapinlandia--traveling movie, the second project--1st Poultry Farm in northcentral Guatemala, then Valparaiso becoming THE CID--The Center for Indian Development--government  sociologists saying in 1979 it was "AN OASIS OF HOPE & JUSTICE FOR THE POOR."  down to #11 - the Victorias dairy, the largest in northern Guatemala with 2 cows & a heifer all defeating the Grand Champion Cow of the Jersey breed in all of Central America.

5.  PART 4: Items 12-14 of 33   12. THE EARLY LDS RELIGIOUS HISTORY of ALTA VERAPAZ; 13.  BYU's  LAMANITE GENERATION at VALPARAISO, and  14. THE GREAT 1976 EARTHQUAKE that killed 25,000 Guatemalans, losing the first Lamanite missionary--out Daniel Choc, etc. 

Note:  The Early LDS Religious history section includes:  Where the amazing statement came from  that we stimulated the LDS Church organizing World Wide Welfare Services k& how that evolved; The history of multi-million dollar possibilities lost;  An attempt to talk to the Prophet results in a frustrating experience with a counselor;  Other multi-million dollar struggles; Advice to not pick a fight...sounding like.....from the Mafia? and more.
THE NEXT SECTION TO BE MADE AVAILABLE WILL BE: 15. ORGANIZATION of LDS AltaVerapaz  DISTRICT HISTORY,  unrighteousness attempts to impede progress, but fought the good fight for success anyway.   16“Greatest missionary adventure of my life”  THE POLOCHIC AREA; 17. BYU DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD, Church Historian Arrington comments, work manuals for work & life;  18INTERNATIONAL ( Adoption) BABY SMUGGLING SCANDAL  and those responsible;  19. HELPING LDS MISSIONARY WORK IN THE QUITO/ECUADOR MISSION ,a strange reversal.

The  interesting 67 year timeline of the RELIGIOUS HISTORY of  Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. will be on hold until the end of the next chapter which will be item 15. THE ORGANIZATION OF THE LDS DISTRICT OF ALTA & BAJA VERAPAZ;  Which,      soon after the beginning was called by the missionaries THE SIBERIA OF CENTRAL AMERICA>>to 15 years & nothing>>to 4 years of only VALPARAISO keeping Alta Verapaz religiously alive>>to a MASSACRE with thousands lost in fulfillment of a BIBLICAL prophecy>>to a Mission>>3 to 4 Stakes &>> a Temple.

4. BOOKofMORMON  "GEOGRAPHICAL EVIDENCES"  References from the MAYA BOOK showing a very good case that it is true history taking place in the Mountains of the Maya as believed also by the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith. Valparaiso is included as likely the ancient fortified "CITY of HELAM."  Coban, situated in "the Valley of Alma" and likely the "CITY OF MANTI."  9 pages

5. The last chapter in the MAYA Mountains BOOK:  33. OUR GREATEST BLESSING OVER 50 YEARS WAS what the critics called OUR “DUNDERHEAD KIDS”..aimed also at the “DUNDERHEAD PARENTS!”  Meet my amazing 15 children and learn of the great advantage being "dunderheads" and "Rodeo Clowns"   17 pages.

6. A final tribute to my good friend   GARTH  NORMAN,  archaeologist and world-renowned expert on THE IZAPA TREE OF LIFE MONUMENT SITE in Southern Mexico near the Guatemalan border,  including a photographic report of his and my  last visit to Valparaiso in 2017. I was blessed to be his photographer on the first expedition to Izapa in 1966, and sort of the last in 2017. 

By the way he's the one who made a positive comment about "faithfully reading the book and really coming to know Cordell..." in the section about "What the attempt to come back in the Church meant."

7. From the High Uinta Mountains book Appendix:  

THE ANTI-AGING CHALLENGE:  Why, What & How?   34 pages

        Gradually there will be other segments shared with all so check once in a while,  



The only version of the book, A Fifty year “Impossible Dream" Among My People in the MOUNTAINS OF THE MAYA , that has remained available lately to the public is an ONLINE VERSION of the evolving BOOK which I have maintained accessible on this website for several years because it had a complete Appendix, and  I didn't  want to hide anything from my friends who really wanted to  understand the WHY'S of my life and its work among the Mayans

In the BOOK on page 84or on page 4 of the segmented Part 2I've carefully explained how the Lord instructed me to write this history  under the title:


The concluding advise from the Lord....


...and over the last year or so I have gradually added more revealing history, made corrections as well as incorporating updates, adding enlightening enhancements, plus a few new photos and some powerful awakening wisdom along with potent doctrinal clarifications to produce  on April 1, 2023 what I call: 

"MINE the FINAL VERSION April 1, 2023"   

I'm, so far, the only person who has a copy.  A similar but edited  previous version  I called the PUBLIC FINAL VERSION has been available free to download to your computer for some time....but, in all of this carefully honest process I was too naive, and some could justifiably say,  just plain stupidignoring the advice given me once by one LDS General Authority with whom I mistakenly shared a lot   in a two hour conversation—during which he  first injected,  "The devil is deceiving you...then later.....Satan is trying to destroy you, etc." but I continued undeterred and he gradually reversed himself finally saying, 

 Seventy General Authority, William Bradford, now deceased

So, he momentarily saw the truth in my history and began to understand, but it didn't last long and he finally proved his own advise correct and strangely turned against me in bizarre ways.


  Previous to the disappointing experience described above and throughout my life, I was blessed with the wonderful  friendship of 
 LDS Church Regional Leader,  Harold Brown—with  whom I was 
eventually moved to share all of my life including what I have called, 

"the rest of the story." 

He became a dear friend and supporter his entire useful life and because of his virtuous soul he naturally followed the correct pathway to  judge a man from the movie GANDHI on page 4 of the MAYA BOOK: 

Harold  was not disappointed in so doing, and from 1973 when he was first my LDS Regional leader in Guatemala, described  in the book and in this message, he promised to inform the General Authorities that I was worthy of their trust as was the methodology and success of my work with the LamanitesBrown even being the one to  begin calling me

"a modern Ammon!"

but later he sadly admitted  to me that the General Authorities  refused to accept his testimony and  persisted in believing the biased gossip, rumors and misinformation.  

He was very pragmatic about Church leadership recognizing there was too much politics in the administration of the LDS Church.  He believed strongly  that it needed desperately more genuine and real  divine guidance.   Over many years of close association with them he carefully attempted to influence them in the right direction, but  sometimes gave up doing so directly  and rather did his best to help the Church through his Regional callings as he did with me. 

For example, after failing with the General Authorities in my case, he was able to help a new Mission President, Bob Arnold (1973-76) 

to trust me and that opened up the way for the organization of the Alta Verapaz District and my calling as District President for 3 years (1976-79)during which period more opposition raised its deadly head, nevertheless prophecies literally began to be fulfilled with the Lamanites and the groundwork was laid for eventual explosive growth and even for the first time actual rural Stakes  in the middle of the Mountains of the Maya! 

 If I ever knew a man worthy of being a General Authority, it was Harold Brown.  But, his friendship and defense of me likely had him lose that opportunity with the General Authorities as he refused to go along with the mysterious bias,  gossip and misinformation that somehow got started back in 1970 and we have had to deal with until now.      

Eventually his long chain of important Regional callings in the Church ended. By that time in the mid-80's my life had become too controversial for most of my friends, family  and relatives—but Brown perceived I was truly being guided by the Lord 

and we were able to have open minded conversations that led him to persist as a friend  supporting our work as well as my private life—he  even volunteering to be a Trustee for the Guatemalan Foundation, and we in turn  cooperated financially helping him in his project to aid poor Mexican Latter Day Saints with transportation costs to get to the LDS Temple in Mexico City where he had been the first LDS Temple President south of the border.

Years before he had become the author of the “Ammon” comparison as well as telling us  our efforts "had embarrased the General Authorities into  organizing World-wide Welfare  Services," [today  "Humanitarian Services"and throughout his life encouraged me to persist with what he called 

"the experiment"

 .....meaning the effective, heaven inspired methods and Christ-like attitudes towards the Lamanites that had laid the foundation for all of the progress in our area of Guatemalaeven extending to several other countries—but he was honest making it clear that likely only he would give us credit for any of that and it was with his support and encouragement his useful life ended.


NOTE: And, I did persist with the "experiment" for 44 years after he began encouraging, and defending us in 1973, until retiring the Foundation on our 50th Anniversary in 2017 and in a sense I'm still at it with personal aid projects to as many as I can who only receive short-term hand-outs, rather than long-lasting leg-ups! 


  My positive experience with Harold Brown had me innocently believing  that sharing my life through the MAYA BOOK with all interested friends, family and relatives  would also be a wonderful blessing...but in that I have mostly been wrong:

First,  because I underestimated the powerful negativity of the "P" word that brought on Joseph Smith's martyrdombut which  nonetheless was for 50+ years in the LDS Churchdeclared  by the Prophet"an essential principle of the restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel," accompanied  by prophetic statements from leaders that an abdication of that principle would be apostasy.  For most the reality is that it isn't understood, nor believed in the Church today! 

Second results so far seem to show I was wrong by honestly telling the truth of my experience with Leaders to show clearly some specific problems requiring the prophesied latter day "SETTING IN ORDER OF GOD'S HOUSE!"  But, so far this attempt to help hasn't been appreciated, and actually has been met by most  who want to ignore things that need fixing, not realizing that such who just keep quiet and push for the status quorather than trying to 
"set things in order,"
 according to the scriptures    SHALL END BADLY!   

Third—primarily,  to this point today my hope was wrong with my loving and caring effort to help individual General Authorities realize their personal  need of remorse  for tragic events they were responsible for—mentioned in a momentas they have been met with  silencethey seemingly with difficulty  admitting  having possibly committed serious error, and for sure none of it is told in the history of the Church."

"DON'T PICK A FIGHT WITH THE GENERAL AUTHORITIES.....they have ways of destroying you!"  
advised me by a friend who had been a General Authority.
He went on to mention what many faithful members have told me, "It is unlikely that any of them will admit to making serious mistakes!  So to do as you do in your book, pointing out case after case over the years, and saying 'something is wrong' will first get you disliked and ignored with silence, and if you push it,
 will get you in trouble!"

With all of that, we come to the question:  "WHY RUN THE RISK OF GETTING IN TROUBLE BY TELLING THE TRUTH?" 

That brings to mind a scene from the wonderful series about the life of Christ, THE CHOSEN, when on the Sabbath, at a certain pool known for it's healing where a poor cripple, Jesse had been trying to get healed for 25 years, Jesus talked to him and eventually he was healed, Jesus telling him to "stand, pick up your bed and walk." 

He stood, picked up his bed and went looking for his brother.

  Some of the Jewish religious leaders were watching and got really upset telling the man he was sinning by carrying his bed on the Sabbath, and that Jesus telling him that meant 
he was a "false prophet!" 

His disciples asked him why he told the man to break one of the Jewish rules that was getting them all in trouble. He replied: "SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO STIR UP THE WATERS!"

I'm doing as the Lord told me to do, telling:  "the truth from my heart"  to hopefully "STIR UP THE WATERS," and move honest and humble leaders to admit the truth and begin the needed, 


With that I must quote myself to make a point that should guide us:

My reasoning was the same as Christ's,

IMPORTANT NOTE:  My brief experience obeying the Lord with Celestial marriage had said principle confirmed to me as true, and showed clearly my willingness to obey but which sadly only lasted a brief period of 4 years of dedication, loving sacrifice, and learning ..... leaving me technically as a celibate polygamist  now for 35 years and looking forward to the eternities, that is basically what all was about anyway, but with need of certain earthly friends and  willingness requisites.  

Importantly,  obeying the Lordin addition to my first family with 10 special childrenbrought the blessing from heaven of 3 more  choice sons as well as  2 additional more than special daughters and blessed me with being able to raise those last 5 wonderful children  during 20 years alone as a "Mr. Mom," another blessed experience!

 It all ended being for all involved an important learning experience, and preparing all of us for  the eternities.

 But, so far my sincere effort to do as the Lord directed...


in the writing of the BOOK ....has not been well received except by a rare few like Harold Brown.   Thus I have been prompted to now backtrack—not  with the truthbut....  

..........WITH THE SHARING OF IT, so  the.....

 FINAL VERSION of the book is not available any longer!

With too many it worked out being like "casting my pearls..."
 I was sincerily honest, but yet so naive....yes, a DUNDERHEAD! 

NOTE:  That's a word mentioned in a moment and the last section of the book available to anyone with the link at the beginning of this message.. 

If  you were  really interested in  full understanding  you should have downloaded the book to your computer when you had the chance, and best if you got a more complete version just before I removed it.  You then should have tried humbly and honestly to understand as brother Brown did, but I should add that if you downloaded it a year ago, or even a couple of months ago—like the version on the thumb drive sent to the Church History Department mentioned further alongwhat you have is a bit obsolete as some powerful additions were made recently, but they will be in those sections available gradually to download at the beginning of this message.  

So the only versions or portions of the book available publicly from now on are those items with links, at the head of this post.    


....perhaps requiring more than twisting my arm, likely needing also   a strangle hold, plus for sure a significant contribution--so far only one has been grantedl.   Not one penny of such contributions will be for me rather 100% to help me in what are now my monthly personal projects among my most needy Mayan- Lamanite brothers and sisters in Guatemala—who, if receiving help from the Church are only getting short-term band-aid fixes,  rather than long-term effective help—said needy the Lord called 
when He transformed my life on the snowy slopes of the Henry Mountains on  October 23, 1965.....

........ and gave me the faith, the heart and the love to head for THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MAYA to in one way or another dedicate my life to them as the Lord requires of his faithful childrenthe guiding principle being:  


......which is what the genuinely faithful are naturally committed to....[read carefully  Jacob 2:16-19] and He promised to guide and protect me as long as I persisted...and I will persist for a while even though the glitches are building and challenges great in my 88th year! 

  • ****************************.
The COMPLETE 568 page historical BOOK, was written for
 at least some of my family as well as for others sincerely interested in what a few of uswith Harold Brown's helpcalled....


We had no choice but to do our best to have a good sense of humor—through  sometimes perplexing BIAS and sad MISUNDERSTANDING  like what Brown reported to us on November 5, 1973 in a surpise meeting at Valparaiso, him coming all the way from Mexico to talk with me as it was reported to him that "there was trouble with Andersen at Valparaiso!" 

He explained that he had been keeping a close eye on what we were doing and had received some glowing, wonderful reports, but also some very negative ones, and figured out what was happening.(page 277):


It was actually in an ANDERSEN FAMILY HOUR run like a Sacrament meeting since for several months the branch had no leadership and in spite of me informing the Mission, no one  ever came to reorganize it.
 This  happened 4 times over 26 years when we—the Andersen Family Hour had to keep the LDS religion alive in our region of Guatemala—in the beginning for 4 years  when Valparaiso was the only LDS oriented Group in the  entire Alta Verapaz Regionwhich eventually developed into a Branch, next  a District, later a Mission, a number of Stakes, including unbelievably totally rural Lamanite stakes,  and a Temple; and then after "The Massacre," explained next,  the ANDERSEN FAMILY  HOUR kept the religion alive among the faithful for nearly 5 more yearsexplained in detail in the BOOK, and mentioned in a moment!

At the FAMILY HOUR seen above:
Brown, Regional Representative of the General Authorities, said to the Latter Day Saints at Valparaiso: 

 “ History is repeating itself and the Andersens are being 'laughed to scorn' as had happened anciently to Ammon and his companions,  What is being said and believed is:  

1.) Andersen was  crazy to give up a comfortable life in the U.S. to be living among and dedicating his life to the Indians; 

 2.) The Andersen's  haven't made a return trip to the U.S. because he did something terrible in the U.S. and is afraid to return and face the consequences;  and

3.) Brother Andersen is giving the appearance of living a charitable life, but it is a scam to get rich and build himself a business empire using the Church and the Foundation.

He went on denouncing all of them as untrue—Mission  Counselor Perez, who had come with him,  showing SHOCK and PUZZLEMENT.   

Brother Brown then said, 

"His  efforts are  AMMON-LIKE, with the same motivations of faith in the Lord and sincere love for the Lamanites as was the case with Ammon!"  

 Those in the  packed chapel were all in tears like I had never seen before nor since in a Church meeting—except  for a stunned Mission Counselor Perez. 

The “good sense of humor” mentioned a few paragraphs ago had more to do with labels given us by LDS friendly fire, like: 

 "Crazy modern Don Quijote (or Ammon)"that was the one I liked best  then ....

.... "Rodeo Clown,"  
which I still, with a warm smile, use a lot today as it's history was wonderful.  It came from a visiting friend, Agronony/Animal Husbandry professor from BYU, Keith Hoops who in a key year later1985was my Stake President in Utah and mentioned prominently in the book in the 1985 period. But as I was giving him the tour of Valparaiso and our Victorias Dairy, he seemed  puzzled and asked, "Where are your alfalfa fields and production of silage?"  NOTE: They are keys in the dairy industry in Utah.
I pointed to our rich fields of African grasses, explaining they had 23% protein the same as alfalfa, and we had our cows pasturing on them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
He just shook his head in disbelieve and began calling me a "RODEO CLOWN" since we didn't do it his way, or the Utah way.
Since, I have loved the nickname, "RODEO CLOWN," especially each time I made my frequent visits laughing all the way to the bank, and proud of having beat all the doubters by paying off much ahead of schedule what I owed on the plantation, and the dairy!

Others of what were intended as insults were, "The Mob,"our Central House Family,   and "Dunderheads," etc. all of course meant to be offensive but we outsmarted these courageous sanctimonious soulsnone of whom were willing to risk anything to help or do as we were doingso we embraced  all of the labels and had fun laughing at ourselves and feeling awfully grateful when all of a sudden someone like Harold Brown saw through the bias, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, the gossip, ignorance  and misinformation, and rather saw the hand of the Lord guiding our efforts and gave us his support and encouragement and decades later  summed up the efforts with comments  like: 

"Thousands were saved, and many tens of thousands of Indians were  aided in receiving an education!"

It goes without saying, but I've got to do so anyway, that Harold Brown appearing in our history was like an angel sent from heaven by whom I was blessed so much that I sometimes have wondered how we could have survived without him—I think I would have found a way, but apparently the Lord felt we needed some effective and long lasting help from a most reliable source.
It is said that the Lord moves in mysterious ways to bless his children and his work—and between Harold  and us Andersens it started 1 early on as he coincidentally was a young missionary in Tierra Blanca, Mexico and knew Maria when 4 years old, and 2. later coincidentally came to know me as a teenager when he was our neighbor for a while in Provo, Utah on Ash Avenue. 
3. Years later in the first important test of my faith and grit living my dream at Valparaiso, Guatemala he coincidentally was the LDS Church's Regional Representative in Central America and surprised us one Sunday, mentioned above,  
in November 1973 like an angel sent from Heaven

He was of vast influence and support then and continued as my trusted friend and confidant to the end of his useful life  as a trustee for the Guatemalan Foundation, each of us giving mutual support, trust and help for both of our life long  work among the Lamanites as mentioned previously. I am eternally grateful for him and all the coincidenses mentioned that of course I believe were 
DIVINE INTERVENTIONS by the Lord to help and bless both of our lives along with the many thousands we were both able to help over more than half a century. 



I pray that the LDS Leaders will have  listened to the SPOKEN WORD  April 30, 2023,   the message being...... 


...which is my message  for the Leaders and  others...so that the reaction of being told the truth will not evoke anger, rather gratitude with a  humble and honest reaction and doing the right thing....so that the Lord will maybe put on hold the prophecied destruction in the Apostle Paul's prophecy to the Thessalonians because of its possible fulfillment at Valparaiso, Guatemala with the Massacre. That of course sounds awfully presumptious on my part—but read on with an open mind to see if it could be true. 

The SPOKEN WORD message was followed with the theme of 
HOPE with the CHOIR singing "OVER THE RAINBOW!"

I pray that my loving message here will be received with humility and gratitude and that eventually the 
"setting in order of God's House"  
will be accomplished. 

TOWARDS THE END, well after Brown was gone from Leadership,  A NEW PURPOSE OF THE BOOK EVOLVED WHEN  it's writing also became a crucially informative and loving aid to LDS Church Leaders needing to know the truth about the life and death aspects of the history that reached a tragic climax with the terrible event called by those of us who lived it.... 
Guatemala of January 10, 1989"

A beautiful chapel was constructed by the Church at Valparaiso for the LDS Branch that, when it was just a GROUP, was described in a glowing moment of honesty  by Mission President Harvey Glade: “Valparaiso is likely the only Lamanite Church unit in the Hemisphere that is not a parasite to the Church,” and “The Church receives more tithing from the Valparaiso Group than from any of the Wards in the Guatemala City Stake or branches in the Mission!"  So a lot of our own money—theirs & minewent into creating the chapel .....my last big contribution a brand new Yamaha piano!
.....but...on January 10, 1989 the roar of bulldozers awakend the residents of Valparaiso!

Many gathered quickly to react with sad tears the destructive scene that was one fulfillmentand maybe specifically "the  fulfillment"of the   Apostle Paul's prophecy in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 which is one of the most consequentialbut  misunderstood—prophecies  for the last days of all the scriptures which Paul makes clear had to happen in the period just prior to the Second Coming of the Lord. 

It was to happen after the latter day restoration of the gospel when there would again be a legitimate  "temple of God" on the earth where there would be a meeting of powerful people authorized to be in the temple  with all of them voting to accept an untruthful report that would trigger  unrighteous sanctions—all of which the Apostle Paul described as 


The  prophecy mentions "unrighteousness" that actually began with all in the temple gathering believing the LIE filled report,  followed by the bulldozing of the chapel, compounded by then abandoning an active, faithful congregation—that a study I made the year before, comparing it with branches in Coban and Patzicia, showed that, while it had dropped some in attendance from previous years, and paid a bit less tithing than previously when the Mission President said "it paid more than any other Church unit in the country," but it still was better than the branches in the studyyet the chapel was destroyed and they were cruelly abandoned by the Leaders

Then to multiply the unrighteousness, the Church sent representatives to areas where I had projects and warned the people to not be my friends or they could suffer similarly—which for a time reduced the life saving work of the Foundation causing more loss of lives we could have saved! 
The hoped for positive results all backfired and made the overall, long-term results literally "the mystery of iniquity" that the Apostle Paul said would end in the destruction of those responsible.
All of the elements of the prophecy are found in what transpired at Valparaiso:  The "untruthful report" believed by all was eventually discovered through two witnesses to be that I had
“taught the Indians to worship me as though I were God!” 

A rebuttle of this key accusation is found in a quote from the BOOK in response:
"All Guatemalans who knew memembers or notknew such was not true. Why didn't the Leaders know it? What was terribly wrong that had them committing such a horrendous actthat needs 'SETTING IN ORDER?'"

Fifty percent of the member's faith at Valparaiso was destroyed and the members were lost to the Church, the other 50% didn't trust the Leaders and asked for my help. 

The act of punishing the members for what I was doing in my personal life was interpreted by almost everyone as unrighteousness in the many villages surrounding Valparaiso as well as in the urban center and elsewhere. 


 I realized the actions taken were serious and in my early writings mentioned how the Apostle Paul's prophecy was fulfilled, but it didn't hit me hard until  twenty-eight years later in 2017 when I made my last visit to Guatemala and Valparaiso with Garth Norman, and asked the missionaries what success they were having in the many villages surrounding Valparaiso.

Below we see the two missionaries I talked to, along with one of my traveling companions, Abinadi.

At that time I had finally published my High Uinta book, and had retired the Foundation, and then had more time on my hands.    Realizing more than ever that the MASSACRE was still producing spiritually deadly casualities easily amassing TENS OF THOUSANDS, I went to work dedicating hundreds of hours going over my journals and letter files and writing the book about 

It especially hit close to home understanding how it contributed to most of the members of my family also rejecting what was done which spurred me on with the BOOK.  One example I used in the book drives home the point with a statement from a wonderful, sweet daughter who gave me a statement about this, with permission to publish it:

“The Church’s mistreatment of our family, and the destruction of the chapel effected me—that’s why I  left the Church. When I removed my name from the records of the church I wasn’t the only one, my husband and all of our kids left too. We were part of a mass exodus from the church—several of them were happening at the time. God knows our hearts and what we have been through. He understands.” 

The loss of faith of so many immediately brings to mind Christ's words showing this is A VERY SERIOUS, EVEN SPIRITUALLY DEADLY MATTER.  He said:

"But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to fall away—it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

The details were explained clearly in the BOOK 
in a sincere attempt to help the leaders make amends before it is too late, 
if they ignore the truth and rather are angryshow that those responsible at the final day will likely see their lamps  run out of oil causing the pronouncement by THE LORD on their heads of what should be for them the...TERRIFYING WORDS:


This will be spiritually deadly for the leaders unless the Lord is just joking with all of His pronouncements in the scriptures about LIES,  INJUSTICE & UNRIGHTEOUSNESS!

Back to 1989, our brothers and sisterswho were firm in the faithdidn't trust the Leaders and asked for our help.  We immediately responded to their need by inviting all to attend an expanded ANDERSEN FAMILY HOUR run like a Sunday School, and for nearly 5 years I put on hold other plans to be able to help those interested in persevering with their faith in Christ, and the restoration  of the fullness of the gospel.  We had an average attendance of 60 similar to what is  seen below .....

...... but finally I realized, in spite of problems with Leaders,  the members  needed the LDS Church structure and programs, but as long as I was there no help was forthcoming, so I decided to sacrifice what for me was sacred ground that I dearly loved where I had dedicated 26 of the best years of my life among a people who I loved as family, and sold Valparaiso and moved on. 

But I left them all established in their own community on properties they owned with their own homes and with their own potable water, and electrical systemsand importantly all educated and trained to qualify for good employment. 

However I advised the members in my last Family Hour..... 

"In spite of problems in the Church with the administration and     questionable divine guidance, the Church was still the best  and that it was for their own  good, and that of their children to be active in Church if it returned and it was hoped that   with their help they could be of positive influence to help in the prophecied and needed ......

Eventually the Church returned and for the 4th time a branch was organized. Today it is a Ward with one of the "Mob" (Central House Family) as Bishop, raised by uswho still calls me "Papa Cordell."

A nice chapel was constructed in the middle of their community on properties purchased from 5 families I had given it to. 

 The tragic element in this is that with a little inspiration and common sense it could have easily been achieved without believing a false report, and creating a "Massacre!" 

As explained in the book I advised against the Church purchasing the property they insisted on where they built the chapel, quite a long distance from their community  A year later I organized the Valparaiso Community where it would have been much more logical to have the chapel surrounded by their homes. 

But they doggedly did it their way and built the chapel anyway, leading to the debacle of 1989 and the temple meeting with a false report read.  If they could of  had divine guidance the Leaders would have rejected the false report with no destruction of anyone's faith, nor poisoning against the Church the many thousands in the villages, in the urban center, and other areas of the country. Many lives would have been saved and more educated by not slowing my work and that of the Foundation. 
Lastly the eternal jeoprady of the souls of the Leaders 
responsible would not be a deathly fear as it is now! 

All of this and much more with a lot of detail and inspiring examples are in the book and much of that will be included in what I am gradually making available by sections and chapters. 

IMPORTANTLY, as happened in other areas of our work like at Chulac, Senahu, and Sacsuha unbelievably now with  rural Stakes of the Churchthe BOOK telling how it all started.....but at Valparaiso, if not for  the Massacre, it could have, and should be surrounded by Wards and branches, and be...... 

......the Center of the VALPARAISO  LDS Stake!

The history of this tragic event has been available in the MAYA BOOK in all of its detail and deadly ramifications sufficient time for those responsible to  understand the long-term life and death tragedy of the eventand as prompted by the Lord—on January 31, 2023 I sent a then final  version of the  book on a thumb drive to the LDS Church History Department with the hope that it would be read by the Church Historian, andas I suggest therein,  be passed on to the indicated leaders. Reply is so far a bit scary for them, but I have hope that the SILENCE will end by them doing the right thing!

The Leaders should now be deeply grateful  for having the opportunity to understand the detailsespecially the top four Leaders in the Church (04/01/2023): The entire 1st Presidency, and Presiding Leader of the Quorum of the Twelve,  who are the last  four General Authorities alive who were Leaders at the time of the Massacre and likely were involved in the unanimous vote acceping as true, a false report—with all of its life destroying consequences!  

For the average faithful member of the Church this kind of unanimous vote would be accepted as "the mind and will of God, and revelation!"  This terrible error has to be rectified by them doing the right thing!

—With this knowledge they  can  do what needs to be done in time for their own redemption and for the work of the Lord.

As their friend I encourage them to remember ourFather in Heaven, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christare quite strict in what  is required of us when we make mistakes—but they will understand if the Leaders are honest, and humble in their repentance, as..... 
“....Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy,




Here we see the printed copy of the 568 page FINAL VERSION that I had printed for myself.....which I   thumb through often when I now-pretty much aloneneed a boost as I continually feel profound gratitude to the Lord for blessing me with a lifetime of living it and rewarded with the opportunity of  serving my Mayan brothers and sisters who blessed my life so much that....

..... I will now dedicate what I have left of time and money to continually aid the most needy among my Lamanite/Maya friends in living a life of dignity similar to what I desire for myself!

There might be reports of my activities here once in a while, but most likely they will be on my personal website:  https://cordellmandersen.com/ or on  my Facebook page  where last year I began posting many historical photos in chronological order for my Guatemalan brothers and sisters  an example of one of many is inserted below with photos of my "Mob" who heroically all helped me twice save our barn from going up in flames:

So, if you are interested, take the initiative to check once in a while as I will not be pestering anyone with email notices.  

Dealing with the numerous challenges-like the mini-stroke, not being able to walk just 2+ years ago, etc.-of being 88 years old while still backpacking and being inspired with the wonders of God's creation in the High Uintas, as well as continuing my personal projects helping my people in the Mountains of the Mayas, is enough for me.   

My personal website has mostly dealt with the HIGH UINTA MOUNTAINS & that book,  but will now be a mixture of the two historical aspects that basically make up my life.  So, this is my way of doing as promised...

....and FADE AWAY QUIETLY helping still from long distance my needy Lamanite/Mayan brothers and sisters not reached efficiently  by  any effective humanitarian serviceThat, along with my outdoor activities that keep me alive—until  my final disappearance with some of my ashes adorning my beloved  High Uinta Wilderness and others sprinkled lovingly on.... 

.....The Mountains of the Maya......

.....where I lovingly gaveand am still giving in the time I have left on this earthmy all to save as many of my Lamanite/Mayan brothers and sisters as possible !

the land of eternal spring
Note:  I will gradually add captions, titles and many more photographs that might go on forever!

Remember, "EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY! What might this one be--and the next, the following?

Above and below we see the Cakchiquel town of Patzun before the Earthquake almost destroyed the entire town.

As explained in the MAYA BOOK, after the GREAT EARTHQUAKE of 1976 that killed 25,000 Guatemalans.....

.....in PATZUN, we see again after the earthquake, with the help of my representative there.....Miguel Ajpop.....

.....we found a hamlet—LAS MERCEDESof the Patzun Village of Saquiya, whose people had not received any help and they were very needy and  so overwhelmingly friendly, welcoming and willing to work to help themselves and their neighbors that for several years I established myself there as my headquarters where I would spend every other week my first quite frantic activity was to treat the sick, malnourished  and wounded....
......while getting the men organized to put up the buildings we would need for community gatherings, adult literacy classes and the strawberry project.  We called the project 

For my week in the Cakchiquel area I lived in the thatch Cultural Hall we all  built together you see in the picture above, and from there also established projects in a rural area of Patzicia among very needy LDS people, and in Comalapa with my representative, Rigoberto Misa mentioned prominently in my book.

Part of the project was to help them legally organize a CREDIT COOPERATIVE that included their store we see above.

With the help of my brother, Carl Jacob, we introduced the production of strawberries in Las Mercedes.

In the CULTURAL HALL during the day we had adult literacy classes for the women.

In the evenings we had community meetings, educational and commercial movies each with a specific purpose to awaken, enlighten and entertain, like the Cantiflas movie, EL ANALFABETO, THE RETURN of a  MAN CALLED HORSE, etc. 

We helped them  build a temporary school it being one of the first to be functioning in the country  and below we see an actual school we built in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy.   It was a simple school you see below that was the first in the entire earthquake area to actually begin functioning.  

Later we cooperated with the SAQUIYA VILLAGE to build them a new school for the entire village which is the huge thatch building seen here.  Forgive me for not having a good photograph.  Many of my slides over the years were fuined with fungus due to the high humidity where we lived.

Now, on to  beautiful LAKE ATITLAN

Below, the LDS COBAN Branch in 1967

Beautiful Kekchi sister CARLOTA de YALIBAT, one of the key original members of the LDS Church in Coban, Alta Verapaz.  She previously had taught two Baptist missionary sisters her dialect, and then helped them with the first translation of the NEW TESTAMENT into her native Mayan language.  Later she became the first among her people to be called as a local missionary and was the first to preach the gospel in Kekchi, her first teaching experience, told in my book, with her first investigator revealing a visionary experience that led to her conversion


EASTER SUNDAY -- DIA de la RESURRECCION and the Maya/Poqomchi Legend of the Holy Man -- La Leyenda de Nahual Gwinak--El Hombre Divino

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