Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dr. George Pingree's Passing and YouTube Videos #19 and #20 reporting on the Patzicia School--Julie Classroom and Dr. Pingree and his Funeral Service

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GUATEMALAN FOUNDATION trustee, Toby Pingree's funeral remarks adding to his obituary a description of 
"....the peak of George's generosity."
"Probably the peak of George's generosity was when, with his partner in medical practice--Louis Petersen, he contributed the optical shop (Cottonwood Optical) associated with the medical practice, to a foundation in Guatemala called then The Foundation for Indian Development, now the Guatemalan Foundation, that sponsors schools in Guatemala where there are none, pays for medical care, and emergency needs of the people who can't get it anywhere else.
"For 10 years the funds from that sale supported a school in Patzicia that has graduated over 1,400 people of high caliber--physicians, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, teachers, and more.
"After the funds from the sale of the optical shop had been exhausted George continued to make personal contributions to the foundation up until the last one which was received just prior to his passing.  George was truly my brother.  For all these years we never had a fight, never had any problems.  We love each other and I'm proud to be his brother.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

YouTube video #20--Dr. George Pingree's Funeral Service.

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