Monday, December 28, 2015


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1.  The Kitchen at the Santa Elena School.....DONE!

2.  The Anual Christmas Project for the Poor in Sta. Cruz..75% done
A pictorial report will be our first promotion for 2016.

3.  A wheelchair...hopefully "electric," for don Maximo in the  Chuluc Village:
He was the village leader  back in 1986 who pushed for the building of the "Ariel & Ines Andersen" school, and has since dedicated his life to his people.  He's deserving of our help and needs us he can't walk anymore.
We failed to have sufficient funds for Christmas.....HOW ABOUT FOR NEW YEARS or soon thereafter?

4.  We now need to quickly accumulate funds to get the Chuluc School started in January, and for Mario's scholarship for his last year of Law School....during which he will continue as our Regional Director as a volunteer in the Patzicia area.  
In case you're new, Mario, has been a volunteer for the Foundation in the Patzicia area now going on 17 years.  In turn we have helped him with his education, now with one year to go during which he has to put full time into his studies.  We have therefore promised to give him a full scholarship as a just reward for all he has done for the Foundation, and his people.

We are deeply grateful for all of you who were able to donate in December. 
For those who couldn't, try your best in what remains of the month, and then in January....PLEASE!

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