Friday, February 19, 2016

"37 Page Wonder " WHY ARE WE IN GUATEMALA? written in 1969

NOTE:  This 37 page writing was written to inform fully all those many who expressed interest in what we were doing in Guatemala and wanted to help.  I began calling it 
"The 37 Page Wonder" 
due to the way it was produced:  In a period of 3 days I:

(1.) Wrote an outline for what I felt needed to be explained, then

(2.) Sat down at my typewriter writing the first (and only) draft directly onto ditto masters that left no room for error, or for making corrections, and then,

(3.) Printed 80 copies on my simple hand feed ditto machine, pushing the masters to the max, for a total of 2,950 pages, and last of all

(4.) Stuffed into large envelopes and sent 80 of them in the mail to those who had expressed interest.  
Following is the ONE DRIVE VERSION
This is just the first page.  To access all 37 pages click on the link above.

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