Friday, May 13, 2011

Emergency Projects

These projects by their very nature can't effectively be planned for, but we need to have at least a couple of thousand dollars in the account to be available immediately. 

Please help us turn so many like these into happy and healthy children like Moncho you see below--one of the many from Valparaiso. His mother and two older brothers, Carlos and Ruben, were accepted as an emergency situation, not having anywhere to go.  He grew up in the Central House and with Foundation aid got a good education, even studying for 18 months in Provo, Utah. His wife, Gloria, was also a student at the Valparaiso CID--Center for Indian Development, which helped her prepare to be a good wife and mother.

Today they live in the Valparaiso community where you see below the family in front of their home.  He and his family are productive Guatemalans and contributors. This is another of the many "THIS IS WHAT WE DO" success stories.

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