Friday, May 13, 2011

Ariel and Ines Andersen Chuluc Village School

For details go to:  Chuluc School.

This school was donated to the  government by the Foundation to operate, but  to improve the quality of education we pay the wage of one of the 3 teachers and help with the nutritional supplement the children receive each mid-morning. This is usually around $240/month for the 60 students.  

We also need help from time to time for emergency needs, but
THE SPECIAL NEED IS A SCHOLARSHIP FUND TO HELP GRADUATES FROM THE 6th GRADE BE ABLE TO CONTINUE THEIR EDUCATION IN PATZICIA--5 miles distant.  They will need help with daily transporation,  educational materials, and the required uniform for the government Junior High.  A donation of $15/month would take care of each student. It's too late to begin this year, but we would like to begin forming a fund to help those who graduate from 6th grade in October.
Please help all you can for this worthy goal of eventually havng teachers in the school from the village itself.

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