Friday, February 24, 2012

REMEMBERING JULIE--YouTube Video #12- Inspection Trip report--Part 2--ALTA VERAPAZ

A newsletter with details of her passing will be posted in a few hours, along with details of her funeral
About the YouTube video below, she said:  "IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES!"

Watch the 14 minute long video seeing some actual video from the Alta Verapaz area of Guatemala, and an update on our project to provide school supplies to the 6,000 students in the 31 rural schools of Santa Cruz Verapaz.  You will note that the Foundation did pretty darn good in January, but needs just a little more help to finish the project, and then be ready to move on to our other projects.
The video will fly you over Mexico City and Mexico's two highest volcanoes.  Then on to Guatemala flying over beautiful Lake Atitlan that some world travelers have called "The most beautiful lake in the world."   It then focuses on the Alta Verapaz region that in conquest times was known as the "High Land of Eternal War"  because its Mayan Indians were never defeated by the sword--one of only three areas in the Hemisphere never defeated by force.  Then came a spiritual conquest and the name was changed to the "High Land of Eternal Peace."


"Teach a man how to fish...and he'll eat forever" 
....but,  students need school supplies to be able to learn. 

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