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EXCITING TRIP TO IZAPA and VALPARAISO ... Soon YouTube Video and Photo/Essay with all the details


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Five and a half  months to go for our
NOTE:  To coincide with the current report below, we've jumped ahead a few years. 
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Soon,  a complete report with YouTube video & photo/essay on:

A TASTE OF WHICH FOLLOWS por Cordell Andersen

 At IZAPA the VISITORS CENTER, built on one of the mounds--an ancient pyramid/temple,  was worked on for several days by our team, led by Garth Norman--putting up display photographs I took by night photography 51 years ago, as well as putting together a diorama of the extensive Izapa Archaeological  Site  which was then covered by a glass case.

 Several meetings were held with the landowner, Antonio D'amiano Atristain, and the Citizen's Council from  Tuxtla Chico where the site is located--just over Guatemala's border on the southern coast near Tapachula.   In our formal meeting, speeches were given by Garth Norman, and by me, explaining the objectives of the project--to help the Mayan peoples understand their history, heritage, and prophetic future, plus explaining the important historical connection between the present sacred book of the Mayans, the *POPUL VUH, Izapa,  and Valparaiso in the mountains of Guatemala far to the east.
*Note:  The POPUL VUH was written in 1551 by an anonymous Kekchi Indian in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, because,  as he said, "The original book written anciently is hidden" 

We made the 6-hour drive back to Guatemala City and then the next day on to Alta Verapaz and to the junction still known as "EL CRUCE del CID"  from our sign that we installed there in 1970--but gone since 1994. Yet today all know it as "the Crossroad of the CID"  but few recall what the CID stands for....and asked us, the explanation being el "Centro Indigena de Desaarrollo" or the "Center for Indian Development."  High on the hill behind us, I got a panorama of Paradise Valley you see below.....

We headed first for a meeting in the Valparaiso Community seen above on the left and walked up to the LDS chapel for a meeting of the Ward now presided over by our own Bishop "Moncho"  (Victor Yat Valdez), with 152 in attendance with not one empty chair. 

ONE BIG SURPRISE, was meeting there my friend from the "Pioneer timber slide explorations," Ken Kartchner,  who made the long bus trip from Chulac to be with us at Valparaiso.  He, and wife Marianne, have for a number of years spent half  of each year as volunteers helping at Chulac.  It was good to see him and have him go with us to explore the Chixoy Canyon.  It was Ken's father, Dr. Kartchner, who brought my first four children (Julie, David, Cristina & Richard) into the world in Provo, prior to our departure for Guatemala in 1967.

Then, with our Regional Director, Federico Veliz, we did a quick exploration of the deep and impressive Canyon of the Chixoy River to the west that played a crucial role anciently, then back to the Community Meeting in the Town Hall.

Garth Norman, observed intently the community  that was gathering, then came another unexpected surprise, when our old friend Hal Poulsen entered the Hall to say hello.  I went outside  to say hello to his wife, Neva, to his son Andy, and daughter Jeanie and family.  Jeannie and family live in El Salvador where she has a business, where Hal and family were visiting, and....knowing we would be in Valparaiso that day, drove up to say hello.  Hal, Neva, and daughter Jeannie spent 6 months with us in 1976 after the "Great earthquake," that killed 25,000 Guatemalans.  They made unimaginable contributions in those 6 months, then returned to the U.S. adopting two needy Guatemalan babies, Andy & Charlie, as seen in the following picture taken in 1976.
After their return in 1976, they have continued  being big-time donors, and for a number of years, Hal has been one of our Trustees.  I goofed, being so surprised to see them, that I totally forgot to take their picture that special day.
 Then the meeting began and  I began explaining  the important work at  the far off Izapa site, and its Tree of Life Monument, with its crucial connection to Valparaiso--that has  been discovered is an "ancient fortified city."  And, much more, including reminiscing about an early on interview I had with two Poqomchi elders who told me of their legend of an ancient appearance among their ancestors of "The Holy Man," ("Nahual Gwinak), and many other wonderful  experiences with them that has me connected to them forever "as family." 

Then Garth took over, using Oscar Rene Caal Cal, to translate from English into Poqomchi, explaining the important purpose we have of helping them understand their true history, cultural heritage, and future.

We made it clear we were just breaking the  ground for future scientific explorations in the area, and  preparing to work together to establish in the area what we dreamed of years ago--the establishment of what we called a "Mayan Cultural Center & Archaeological Museum."
Note:  Shown  above in the Hisorical Document

SOON  WE WILL HAVE A NEWSLETTER DONE, & THEN THE YouTube VIDEO TAKING YOU ON THE TRIP FROM GUATEMALA CITY TO IZAPA, AND FROM THERE TO VALPARAISO WITH......many details of this important work in which we are cooperating with the Ancient America Foundation (AAF).
To understand better all of this you should study the following publication:

1.  The Ariel & Ines Andersen Chuluc School and paying Mario's wage as a teacher so he can finish his law degree.
2.  Giving Aura the scholarship help she needs to finish her Master's Degree in Social Work, and
3.  Do as many Emergency Aid projects., under the supervision of Federico Veliz, as available funds will permit.


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