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As we work towards our GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY on August 19th, and in this post complete the collection of Foundation NEWSLETTERS, we want to give SPECIAL THANKS TO REID & MARCIA JOHNS, who are responsible for the  BEAUTIFUL NEWSLETTERS that we have all noticed in recent years up to 2010 as well as for their  outstanding leadership role in the Foundation for 15 years.
NEW NEWSLETTER printed & sent only to those with no email
Newsletter #11 June 2017 Made up from email notices of recent YouTube videos & Historical Documents

Dear Friends,
The enclosed newsletter was created and printed especially for those for whom we don't have email addresses and who consequently don't receive frequent email notices of new YouTube videos, Historical Documents, Newsletter, photo/essay reports and other items we produce to keep all well informed about what the Foundation is doing. We are quickly approaching the time when I will be very occupied for two months to finish the exploration/photographic portion of my High Uintas Wilderness Project ( and so from now until August 31st,  when the Foundation is retired, there will be fewer informational/promotional items created, but please keep us in mind and help us finish our mission up to the end of August.   Between backpacks I will have to re-supply and so will check the mail, and make contacts with our representatives in Guatemala and keep the projects going right up to the end--but it's well to remember at the end of August we do need to have in the bank account sufficient to meet our year-long commitments, like at the Ariel & Ines Andersen Chuluc School,  so in the last month or so, an extra donation or two will help a lot & if you are one who donates once a year in December,  please do it in August.   We also just finished making available all the newsletters from  1967-2017 & printed for you the new post from the website that lists the new scanned newsletters several of which review critical history.
In addition to the historical videos & Historical Documents outlined in the enclosed Newsletter, there will be at least one more YouTube video of a Promotional/Historical video made in 1991 & hopefully the amazing documentary about the Corn Improvement Project that showed Indians how to achieve a 650% increase in corn yields.  So check on the website for any such updates.  THANKS A MILLION FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN COMPLETING 50 YEARS OF EFFORT! Cordell

With these the collection is complete from 1967 to 2008.  2009 is missing which I can't find right now....but will eventually, as well as a few others, like from 1974 & 1977.
From 2010 to the present they are found under the heading 

Winter 2007:  "The First Student--Miguel Angel Ortiz,"  "Remembering Our Cherished Student--Daniel Choc,"  "CID Vocational Students....The  First Cakchiquel, Kekchi, & Poqomchi Fulltime missionaries for the LDS Church" 

Diciembre 2007 (Spanish):  "El Primer Alumno--Miguel Angel Ortiz,"  "Recordando Nuestro Querido Alumno--Daniel Choc,"  "Alumnos del CID--Primeros Misioneros Cakchiquel, Kekchi y Poqomchi  para la Iglesia Mormona"   

Spring 2008:  "Project Report,"   2007 Financial Report

May & November 2008 UPDATES:  "Updated website--thanks to Jesse" & "Update from Patzicia"

Note:  The letter was especially for the Joseph Jensen family, whose wife, Cheryl, had just passed on and a contribution was received from family members.  It has some interesting facts about our work.  Joseph Jensen is my 2nd cousin who for more than 17 years has been the major contributor to the Foundation.
 CLICK on # of interest
#1.   "How It All Started  &   A Decade of Preparation to Avoid Failure"
#2.   "Como Fue El Comienzo & 10 Años de Preparacion para Evitar el Fracaso"
#3.   1966 Expedition to Izapa & 3rd Exploratory Trip
#4.   1966 Report to Ex-Missionaries - "Color & Beauty a Disguise"
#5.   1966-67 Last Exploratory Trip & Ready to Go  & the Role of Andersen Samplers
#6.   Leaving UT. & Arrival in Guatemala  8/19/1967 - Traveling Movie - Poultry Farm
#7.   Photo/Essay of first year at Valparaiso, some pictures never seen before
#8.   YouTube video: First movies (8mm.) atValparaiso by Bob Allen & Lou Bernstein
#9.   En ESPANOL -- YouTube video :  Primer Cine de Valparaiso 1969-70
#10. YouTube video1979  8mm. movie "Work of the  Foundation"
#11.  YouTube video:  1980 8mm. movie BEST  "PROGRAM OF TOTAL DEVELOPMENT"
#12.    YouTube video:: KSL TV Dimension Five  1981 documentary
#13.  YouTube video:  "The Complete History video"
#14.  YouTube video: 2016 Documentary shown on National TV in Guatemala
15.  YouTube video:  1991 "The Work of the Foundation for Indian Development" 
#16.  YouTube video:  1992 "The Work of the Foundation"  20 minutes long

17.  YouTube video:  EDUCACION CRISTIANA
18.  YouTube video:  Documental  Aumentando el Rendimiento de Maiz--650% aumento
   Etc. gradually added to even after Foundation closes at the end of August 2017

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