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YouTube Video: 1979 movie, "WORK of the FOUNDATION for INDIAN DEVELOPMENT" - plus Historical Documents from 2003

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YouTube video: en espanol...PRIMER CINE de VALPARAISO 1969-70; NEW HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS from 2002********************

Newsletter SPRING 2003 - Message from new Executive Director, Marcia A. Johns; 
 By Field Director, Cordell Andersen"A Short History of a Very Big Story," 
Newsletter SUMMER 2003 -  Updates on projects from Santa Cruz,   Pambach Village,  Acamal School, Patzicia, Chulac & the Polochic Valley& Financial Report for 2002
Newsletter WINTER 2003 - J. Frederick "Toby"  Pingree, "My Love Affair With Central America," Report from the Executive Director, Maria Johns & article about our work in the Guatemalan magazine, REVUE, "Microbes 101"
 YouTube Video
Historical Correction Cordell Andersen
CORRECTION of video:   The narration states that the project at Valparaiso was "owned and managed by the Indians themselves."  That was during a 3 year period when the business was run by the Indian owned and managed cooperative.  For 2 years they were highly successful, but then complications in the 3rd year had that effort fail and to save the project I had to step back in to put things in order.  Soon at the height of the Guerrilla War,  "cooperatives" were unfairly interpreted as being "communistic" and so a new approach had to be taken to continue.

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#1.   How It All Started  &   A Decade of Preparation to Avoid Failure
#2.   Como Fue El Comienzo & 10 Años de Preparacion para Evitar el Fracaso
#3.   1966 Expedition to Izapa & 3rd Exploratory Trip
#4.   1966 Report to Ex-Missionaries - "Color & Beauty a Disguise"
#5  1966-67 Last Exploratory Trip & Ready to Go  & Role of Andersen Samplers
#6.   Leaving UT. & Arrival in Guat  8/19/1967 - Traveling Movie - Poultry Farm
#7.   Photo/Essay of first year at Valparaiso, never seen before
#8.   YouTube video: First movies (8mm.) atValparaiso by Bob Allen & Lou Bernstein
#9.   En ESPANOL -- YouTube video :  Primer Cine de Valparaiso 1969-70
#10.  YouTube video: 1979  8mm. movie Work of the  Foundation

11.   By Monday June 12th  In English -  YouTube video:  1980 8mm. movie BEST  "TOTAL DEVELOPMENT"
12.   YouTube video:: KSL TV Dimension Five  1981 documentary
13.     YouTube video:  Documentary of Corn Improvement Program--650% yield increase
#14. YouTube video:  The Complete History video
15.    YouTube video: 2016 Documentary shown on National TV in Guatemala

15.     Etc. gradually added to even after Foundation closes at the end of August 2017

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