Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Table of Contents: KEY HISTORICAL PHOTO/ESSAYS, NEWSLETTERS & YouTube VIDEOS....1st movies 1969-70, 1979-80, KSL Dimension 5, Documentaries 1991-92 & 2016

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#1.   "How It All Started  &   A Decade of Preparation to Avoid Failure"

#2.   "Como Fue El Comienzo & 10 Años de Preparacion para Evitar el Fracaso"

#3.   1966 Expedition to Izapa & 3rd Exploratory Trip

#4.   1966 Report to Ex-Missionaries - "Color & Beauty a Disguise"

#5.   1966-67 Last Exploratory Trip & Ready to Go  & the Role of Andersen Samplers

#6.   Leaving UT. & Arrival in Guatemala  8/19/1967 - Traveling Movie - Poultry Farm

#7.   Photo/Essay of first year at Valparaiso, some pictures never seen before

#8.   YouTube videoFirst movies (8mm.) atValparaiso by Bob Allen & Lou Bernstein

#9.   En ESPANOL -- YouTube video :  Primer Cine de Valparaiso 1969-70

#10. YouTube video1979  8mm. movie "Work of the  Foundation"

#11.  YouTube video:  1980 8mm. movie BEST  "PROGRAM OF TOTAL DEVELOPMENT"

#12.    YouTube video:: KSL TV Dimension Five  1981 documentary

#13.  YouTube video:  "The Complete History video"

#14.  YouTube video: 2016 Documentary shown on National TV in Guatemala

#15.     YouTube video:  PART 1, 1991 "The Work of the Foundation for Indian Development" 

#15a.  YouTube video: PART 21991 "The Work of the Foundation for Indian Development"

#15b.  YouTube video: PART 3, 1991 "The Work of the Foundation for Indian Development" 

#16.  YouTube video:  1992 "The Work of the Foundation"  20 minutes long

#17.  YouTube video:  EDUCACION CRISTIANA: Un Resumen de lecciones 1-4 - 28 min.

#18.  YouTube video:  El Programa de Mejoramiento del  Maiz VERANERO--1300%% aumento

   Etc. gradually added to even after Foundation closes at the end of August 2017


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