Sunday, June 26, 2011

Video Report: Part I. Jolene Andersen Visits Guatemalan Foundation Projects

INTRODUCTION:  In early June of this year Jolene Andersen, her daughters, Kellee and Danielle, guided by Julie's son, Bronson, visited the projects in Guatemala and have provided us with their heart felt reports.  First up is Jolene, youngest daughter of the Foundation's founder, Ariel Andersen: 

The last newsletter was done a couple of months ago.  It contained the heartfelt impressions and feelings of Jolene Andersen, her daughters, Kellee and Danielle, and Bronson Duerden, after they had visited the Foundation projects in Guatemala.  We also did 3 YouTube video slide shows with each of them as narrators.  We in the GF thought they were very good.  If for any reason you missed them you will find links to them at:  JOLENE'S VIDEO  and DANIELLE and KELLEE'S VIDEO.   For  the Newsletter  click on #5-Visitors Report.  For those receiving this via snail mail, go to: and then the indicated pages.  If you have email, please send it to us so you can just click on links, forward to friends, and make unnecessary printing and mailing expense.
.  You can see it at: JULY PROJECTS VIDEO.  Therein we showed all the present projects and our needs.  They were:

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