Saturday, June 25, 2011

VOICE Update #5-June 2011 Project Visitors Report

This newsletter reports the visit of Jolene Andersen, her daughters, Danielle and Kellee, and GF Special Consultant, Bronson Duerden, to the Patzicia Foundation schools and to the projects in Alta Verapaz.  Their heartfelt and emotional impressions published here will also become YouTube videos.

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  1. WOW....what emotions reading these accounts have stirred up in me! Thank you to you guys that wrote about your experiences. I want to add my plea for help for these very deserving people. The Foundation is not just providing a temporary "bandaid" for the people of Guatemala, but teaching them how to "fish" so they can be self sufficient. This will completely change the lives of generations to come. Any small amount helps much more than we even realize !!