Saturday, January 23, 2016

LDS CHURCH NEWS dated March 8, 1968: "Sell that thou hast...and come follow me."

The cover of this issue of the Church News is a picture from high in the mountains above the town of Cunen, one of the six towns we visited with the movie tour.  In the foreground we see an Indian with his backpack load he was taking by foot from the Highland town of Santa Cruz del Quiche, hiking the trails through the mountains and jungles to get to the Peten.  I asked him and companions,  "How many days did it take you?"   
He replied, "Twenty-one."
That is exactly the number of days the ancient inhabitants took to walk from the BOOK OF MORMON "Land of Nephi" to the "Land of Zarhemla."

The picture included with this article, seen below,  shows me on top of the camper unloading the portable frame used to stretch and hang the movie screen that was 9 ft. x 11 ft. in size. The photograph  was taken in the small isolated town of Chicaman, where there was no electricity. We are in front of an old abandoned Catholic Church which we used there as our theater for Cine Chapinlandia.

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