Saturday, January 23, 2016

MISSIONARIES TO THE LAMANITES (Indigenous peoples of America)

This was a writing a did prior to moving to Guatemala in 1967.  It reviews some history of Ancient America from the BOOK OF MORMON, which tells of the first success story in dealing with indigenous people that were considered wild and without hope, as all previous efforts to help them had failed.  The effort was led by Ammon, he and his people called Nephites.  After his conversion to Christ he was motivated to privately lead an effort to help a people who were determined to kill all such people as he and his companions.  He was not sent by any church, but he and his "brothers" were motivated by their faith and love towards even their enemies, and went with no guarantee of support, nor time limits.  It is a great story of faith which deeply impressed me on my conversion, and became a model which inspired me in my move to the land of the Maya.  Ammon obviously had become a very special hero to me.   
Cordell M. Andersen
P.S.  Please forgive the quality, but as all of these documents from my history are around 50 years old, having lived through an area famous for 15 months of rain a year, plus corresponding molds & other such enemies of perishable materials.
There are two pages, plus a 3rd with references
 Page 2
 Page 3

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