Friday, June 10, 2016

Event #3: "A Rainbow of Color & Culture:" THE COBAN INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON & Links to: Event #1--Municipality of Santa Cruz Verapaz; Event #2--Visits With Some Key People......,

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EVENT #3: 
The Coban International Half Marathon

They were at the Central House when the Guerrilla War heated up in 1981 & I took my family back to Provo. There was a threat the Central House would be burned down and so we had to place everybody somewhere safe.  
The "girls" were taken to Guatemala City with dear friend, Amalia Contreras de Ramirez, who accepted responsibility for them. We built bedrooms & a bathroom on the roof of her home--one being my room & office.  We financed them studying there for two years  until the "war" calmed down and we were able to move back to Valparaiso in 1984.

On Sunday afternoon, May 22nd, I was invited to a lunch at the home of one of them, Olivia, and on arrival was surprised to find it had been planned by all the girls, most of  whom were there with spouses, children & grandchildren.

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