Monday, June 6, 2016

YouTube Video...11 minutes: Supervisory Trip EVENT #1 Santa Cruz Municipality & Teachers THANK FOUNDATION & DONORS on May 20, 2016 in Guatemala

Photo/Essay promised:  Event #2--VISITS WITH KEY PERSONS....under constructionGive me another few hours...Please!
1.  Arrival at Chepina's place & Friday, May 20:  A Special Program with Municipal & Education leaders/teachers in Santa Cruz Verapz, with folklore performances & of course speeches and a typical lunch.  
NOTE:  No audio, rather titles....sometimes fast moving--only 11 minutes long.

Above, in the Event #1:  
The Indian Queen & Indian Princess--of Santa Cruz Verapaz, with me--Cordell Andersen, volunteer-Director of the Foundation,  plus the Mayor, Roberto Ja Caal, and on the right, retired-professor, Federico Veliz Pacay, volunteer Regional Director of the Guatemalan Foundation.

 NEXT UP:  A photo/essay By Tuesday evening , June 7, 2016
2.  Special Visits with key persons in our 50 year history in Guatemala: 
*First, Maria del Carmen Bol, key family member for 25 years, who for the last 17 years managed magnificently the Valparaiso/Las Victorias Store in Coban;  
*Then with Carlos Yat Valdez, who in our first year came with his family--mother, Doña Carmelina, & brothers, Ruben and Victor Ramon"Moncho,"   when Carlos was 12 years old and went on to eventually become one of the Valparaiso Branch Presidents, and the manager of the Valparasio Plantation for the last 13 years;
*I will add here the reuniting with Miguel Max (in Events #1 & #5),  the one most key "brother," and partner at Valparaiso--being the  first native resident to  be the  Manager of the Valparaiso Plantation, plus President of the Cooperative  organized there, and counselor in the first LDS Coban District Presidency;  then.... 
*Then, a visit in Coban &  lunch with my daughter-in-law--Diana's father, Edgar Pacay, and daughter, Isis Maria:   
*On the last day in Coban,  a visit with friends of the Arias family--father & sons;  
*A chance meeting--after 29 years,  with Marta Elena Hun & mother, on the bus trip back to Guatemala City,  she being the 1985 Indian Queen of San Cristobal Verapaz, Princesa Tezulutlan (of the Alta Verapaz area), & runner-up to the National Indian Queen--Rabin Ajau "Daughter of the King."  This all happened when the Foundation was helping to sponsor the National event.
*Prior to returning to the U.S., on my last night of the trip, Sunday, May 29th....a reuniting after 22 years of not seeing each other with dear friends:  Yolanda "Yoli" Tobar,  and sister, Silvia Tobar.

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