Thursday, March 1, 2018


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Federico Veliz, who I have called THE VOLUNTEER OF ALL VOLUNTEERS....

.....since December has been asking if we couldn't help--at least--the neediest of the schools in the rural villages.  I had to explain that it just wouldn't be possible.  But,  with the new school year beginning in January, he had 5 of the schools begging for help with school supplies, and in the end he couldn't say no, so he took the $1,103 the Foundation had given him sort of as--a "gift of appreciation" for his 42 years of service--which I have sometimes called his EMERGENCY FUND, with which he intended to get his 1983 Toyota pickup working better.  
He then borrowed from his sister $414 more to be able to pay the bill of $1,517 for the supplies needed for 1,560 students, and went to work with his old pickup delivering the supplies to the students pictured to the right and below. 
He then contacted me and  explained  what he had done to help his people to see if the Foundation couldn't help him at "least a little."  
My EMERGENCY FUND, --provided to help me a little for the carjacked pickup at gun-point back in 1986, had mostly been spent helping a very needy daughter, but the balance I had of $700 was transferred to Guatemala and deposited into Federico's account--so he could   pay off the loan he had made, plus a little for him, to bring down what he spent to help his people to $817.  This is a big deal for him as his monthly Social Security  retirement  pay is only $468.
After violating my word and doing one more limited promotion--the balance now in my EMERGENCY FUND is $14.78.
I hope and pray that a few out there who might see this report can help me aid Federico a little more.  The Guatemalan Foundation is retired and will not do a financial report for 2018 so you won't receive from the Foundation a donation receipt, but the bank accounts have been maintained so Federico and me can continue on our own. So, if you make a check to the Foundation, you can perhaps use the cancelled check to claim a deduction -- otherwise a donation made will not be tax-deductible. The DONATE BUTTON  still works, or you can send a check either to the GUATEMALAN FOUNDATION or CORDELL ANDERSEN, at P.O. Box 1296, American Fork, UTAH  84003.
SPECIAL NOTE:  After the Foundation was retired at the end of 2017, he persisted on his own responding to the pleas of 5 of the most needy rural schools in his area, took all of the Emergency Fund of $1,103 the Foundation had given him in parting, plus he borrowed  $414 from a sister, and provided 1,560 students with supplies to begin the 2018 School Year.  Since his monthly retirement pay is only $468, he did ask me if he couldn't get  some help--to at least be able to pay off the loan, so I took the balance of $700 in my Emergency Fund, provided by the Foundation as its final expenditure, and sent it to him to "help a little,"  making his personal donation for the project, $817.   
Afterwards the FIVE mentioned above gratefully responded to a special promotion to help us with $1,295 of the $1,517 spent on the supplies. The generosity of the FIVE, has now made possible  building back up most of Federico's Emergency Fund, as well as mine--with each of us  in the final accounting also donating about $100 each. Federico is profoundly grateful for this help, as am I--since my retirement income is only a little more than Federico's.  But, it is clear that Federico's personal dedication to his people is breathtaking!
 I'll insert below the photographs Federico sent me. The schools helped were:  
Valparaiso/Rio Frio,  Santa Elena, Chicoyoj II, Chiquiguital, Cak Abaj, and Panaha


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